UnsignedBytes Lightweight Framework - A lightweight Javascript framework to provide commonly needed js utility functions like searching collections, or making ajax requests

jQuery SignaturePad Compression/Decompression Algorithms - A pair of functions used to reduce the size of signature stroke collections for storage

UnsignedBytes Build Tools - A PowerShell module that helps manage your PS Module build process including the ability to run tests, perform static analysis, generate manifests and package up the resulting artifacts in a nice zip file package for distribution.

UnsignedBytes PowerShell Utilities - A PowerShell module that helps perform some common tasks in powershell.

Minnesota Rangers Basketball Website - Main website built for a local basketball team.

24 Second Shot Clock - A simple basketball shot clock application written in python for use with a Raspberry Pi based basketball shot clock

About Me

My name is Jake Moening and I've been writing software since 2007. I started out in Java/C++ writing client applications for about a year and then moved on to the web in ASP.NET MVC in 2009. I spend some time making the rounds in Silverlight and WPF+WCF before coming back to ASP.NET MVC and the world of Javascript heavy cross platform applications in 2011. Since then I've spent a great deal of time in JS and MVC and learning all I can about both as well as dipping into DevOps and really getting to know PowerShell.

In 2014 I made the leap into starting my own business, UnsignedBytes, which has allowed me to have more freedom in doing what I love both inside and outside of work. My goal for UnsignedBytes is to provide quality consulting services while also contributing to the development community at large.

If you are interested in hearing more of what I have to say please feel free to follow me on twitter where I tend to express my opinions about development pretty regularly, or send me a message on LinkedIn.